• Pregnancy Fashion: Do’s and Dont’s

    Pregnancy Fashion: Do’s and Dont’s

    Hey Mums!  What to wear during pregnancy is a question on the mind of every mom-to-be! Popularly known as Maternity Wear. When you’re pregnant, your dressing choices, your lifestyle change and you start shopping for maternity wear. You tend to opt for more comfortable and loose clothes. During this process, your body may seem different to you. So here’s our take on not just maternity wear do’s and don’ts, but fashion tips for all pregnant women out there:

    DON’T wear an extremely over-sized no-fitting outfit. Embrace your baby bump and new curves. No matter what you do, you may not be able to hide your baby bump or the fact that you’re pregnant. If your belly seems to tight in your outfit, and the outfit looks loose from other parts of your body, that’s not good.

    DO follow the maternity trends of maternity wear. Everyone loves a Pregnant Fashionista! Dare to look good! Wear prints and fun colors, bright colors never made anyone feel sad, they should brighten your mood (pun intended), Wear monochrome or even floral patterns. Be simple yet stylish. You can wear a nice and stylish jacket over a plain outfit.

    DON’T dress in dark colors. It’s a common myth that pregnant women should go for navy, blue, brown and dark colors to hide their figure. Show off your unique style and balance your outfits. You can wear black pants with a bright top or vice versa. Have fun with your maternity outfits and be happy!

    DO wear accessories along with your maternity wear. Wear accessories with your outfits. Pick belts that give you a good shape and will sit right above your baby bump. Wear your favorite earrings, neck-pieces and bracelets. An over-sized handbag always looks good. Being a mum is a full-time job, so you might as well do it in style!

    To be stylish and pregnant, you need to embrace your new shape, celebrate it and be aware of it, and not keep wearing your regular wardrobe. Some clothes may not fit anymore, so

    DON’T try to force yourself into an outfit that doesn’t fit you anymore.

    DO wear some stretch-waist maternity clothes, if you still love wearing things that fit. Only wear clothes that are comfortable, this rule goes for everyone and not just pregnant mums.

    DON’T wear a lot clothes with horizontal stripes, it would only make you wider than you already are. Go for vertical stripes if you like stripes.

    The key is to stay true to your personal style, but not be so stubborn that you won’t tweak it now that you have a baby bump.

    You should tweak your style, from heels to flats but still polished. Keep your sense of style even with your changing body. You can wear Maxi Dresses.

    More tips for maternity dressing

    Remember these three things: balance, comfort and simplicity.

    Three-Quartered or Long Free sleeves go well with pregnancy fashion. High necks and below-the-knee hemlines always look chic. Dangling and Statement earrings would spice up your look. You want to create a focal point that will take attention from elsewhere. Remember the pregnancy glow, You got to take good care of your skin, completes the look.

    FIT.  How your clothes fit your new shape is really important. Stay away from extremes ,whether it’s too tight or too loose.

    Oversize clothes might fit the bump, but will work against everywhere else. Consider this the time to show off nice legs.

    Jersey Fabric, with its tight-weave stretch, is good camouflage (and not just for pregnant women). Good jersey will stretch and shrink with the body, and that the weight of the fabric smoothes bumps. The garment should be cut to give a little bit of structure.

    It’s okay  for pregnancy women to need a little confidence boost to alleviate doubts about a changing figure.

    By the time women are five months pregnant, it’s not just their belly that has grown, but also their bust, arms, legs, feet, waist and hips. It’s definitely a new shape.

    Maternity Outfits in stores now reflects broader fashion trends. You’ll find the tunic-and-blazer combination, the cardigans layered with Nice Tees, and even the bright pops of color and prints.

    Hope you enjoyed this article and you have found new ways to rock your pregnancy in style. There are a lot of celebrity world’s most famous baby bump, who’s your favorite? We would love to know!

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