1. Use Prgnacare: Pregnacare provides a carefully balanced, comprehensive formulation of micronutrients to help support the nutritional requirements of new mothers throughout the postnatal period.

    It contains specific nutrients to help maintain normal energy release plus skin & hair health.

    The advanced formula provides nutrients including vitamin B12 and iron which contribute to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue. The formulation also includes ingredients such as Marine Collagen, Citrus Bioflavonoids and Grape Seed Extract, plus essential vitamins and minerals.

    The health of our skin and hair will vary over the course of our lives and perhaps the time you will notice the greatest changes will be after pregnancy and childbirth.

    2. Use a ponytail to extend your wardrobe. Nothing is more unflattering than the awkward in-between stage of pregnancy. You know, when your regular clothes don’t fit and maternity jeans still fall around your ankles? My trick is to use a ponytail to stay in my skinny jeans just a bit longer–loop on end of a ponytail around the button on your jeans, pull it through the hole on the other side, and then loop it around on the button again. Voila! Free and easy pregnancy style.

    3. Be O.K. with buying a maternity wardrobe! If you take nothing else from this post today, remember this: please, please don’t be afraid to buy yourself some maternity clothes that fit and flatter you. I limped through each of my three pregnancies, feeling guilty for “wasting” money on clothes that I wouldn’t wear for very long (ha) and making do with my husband’s old t-shirts and stretchy yoga pants.


    You’re doing important work here, and you deserve to have clothes that make you feel pretty. There are so many different and cute maternity clothes out there, so get rid of the guilt and shop for some staples: one pair of jeans, leggings, tank tops or sweater (depending on climate and time of year), and at least one maxi dress! Then layer up with pre-pregnancy pieces and accessories.

    4. Get your hair done. Honestly, when I’m pregnant, it feels like there is absolutely nothing I can really do to make myself feel better. Shopping? Not fun when you look so large. (Beautifully large, but still.) Make-up feels like a wash because I’m crying and puffy all the time. Even date night with my husband can feel more like a chore because let’s face it–I’d rather be vegging out on the couch. But getting my hair done–a lovely scalp massage, some fresh highlights, and a blow-out and I feel like a new (albeit slightly larger) woman. Ahhhh….

    5. Believe your man when he tells you that you’re beautiful. No, really. This one will go a long way to helping you realize that you are beautiful. Most of us push our men away, shaking our heads in protest whenever they compliment us. But they mean it–they really do think you (and your baby bump) are beautiful. So believe them!

    6. Get a pedicure. Ok, forget what I said about getting your hair done. What I mean was, get your hair done and get a pedicure. The priciest, most luxurious, longest pedicure of your life. Because soaking in the tub and admiring your painted tootsies while you get a foot massage may just give you the strength you need to power through those last weeks of pregnancy.

    7. Get maternity pictures done. I don’t care if you feel swollen, I don’t care if you think you’ll feel foolish doing them–get your date booked for maternity portraits, sometime. Usually the 6-7 month mark makes for some ridiculously cute baby bump pictures. I stress maternity pictures for two reasons: 1) Getting the pictures back, in all their edited glory will make you realize how beautiful pregnancy is, and you will treasure that forever, even in your non-pregnant state. And 2) you’ll have a reason for all of the other four suggestions here, yay!

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